Mystic (& Mystery) Maunders

This photo was taken in Florida USA in 1999. We are concerned mainly with MYSTERY Maunders - not Mystics. Connecting all of our family lines into the one big (happy) family - that's the name of the game.

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working and living in or near Templeton, Devon, England in the fourteenth century.

Roger's family line is in this website, along with almost a hundred others. Are they all connected? I would like to find that they are!

Almost every one of those family lines can be traced back to Devon, and a few in neighbouring Cornwall and Somerset.

Come in, wander about and let us know if you can add more details to the family.

TRY TO FIND A MISTAKE. The information is only as accurate as it was given to us. With so many tens of thousands of people's details, only so many can be checked and verified. Tell us about any mistakes and we will fix them.

Edward Walter Maunder

Edward was an astronomer who, at Greenwich Observatory, England, discovered the phenomenon now known as "the Maunder Minimum" in which cooling of our planet occurred about 450 years ago. But who is the mystery Maunder descendant in the bottom right-hand corner?